CA POST Background Investigations

Our POST* Certified background investigators are experienced in conducting in-depth background investigations that exceed the POST standards for police officers and public safety dispatchers. We also conduct backgrounds for police department personnel that have access to confidential information such as Records Unit staff, Community Service Officers, Administrative Assistant staff and for employees of other departments, such as Information Technology, that are working within the police department.





Public Agency Backgrounds

In these current times public sector agencies must be sure of who they are hiring. In the all too frequent  workplace tragedies we see the question about the individuals background is inevitably raised. In those instances when a less than thorough background was completed – or no background at all was done – the agency may come under scrutiny and questions will be asked about whether they should have, or could have, know that this was a potential outcome. We all know that even a thorough background cannot eliminate all potential risks when hiring a new employee; however, if there is an indicator in a persons background, you should know about it. Additionally, you should have a look at who you’re hiring for many other reasons.


Private Sector: Pre-employment Screening vs. Background Investigation

Employers must protect themselves and their employees against accidents and crimes committed by their employees on their premises. With negligent hiring, civil litigation, training costs, workplace violence and workplace thefts on the rise, pre-employment screening or background investigations are no longer an option but a business necessity.


Pre-employment screenings are considered commonplace in today’s world and provide the information an employer should know about a potential employee prior to making a final job offer. The pre-employment screening will provide you the requisite basic information so you are able to make a more informed decision and confirm the information provided by the potential employee on their application. Our look into their past goes beyond a few phone calls to the references that the applicant was comfortable enough to provide.

Background investigations take a significantly deeper look into a person’s past and typically include personal interviews of local references. We are well versed in conducting the in-depth background investigations required for sworn peace officers, firefighters and correctional officers. In addition, we have conducted background investigations on civilian staff that work within police and fire departments.


* California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training

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