Litigation Support

In this capacity the experts at Blackrock provide resources for legal professionals. We review your case and provide an opinion on subjects including police procedures, use of force, and officer-involved shootings. If required, we can provide expert testimony in a court of law.




Expert Witness

This runs the gamut from reviewing a case and offering an expert opinion to testifying in court. Topics include, but are not limited to: Police Procedures, Use of Force, Racial Profiling, Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving, and Organizational Culture of Police Departments.





Workplace Safety

We have all heard of the terrible violence that has occurred at different workplaces across the country and, while they’re all tragic, we must learn from them and realize they can happen anywhere. Have you had a recent safety inspection that focused on security for your employees? Have your employees been trained on the early warning signs of potential workplace violence? Contact us and learn more about what you can do to protect your employees.




Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED is a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior through environmental design. CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) strategies rely primarily upon the ability to influence offender decisions that precede criminal acts.  If you have security concerns, or are taking a proactive look at your security environment, our staff can perform a site inspection of your location(s) to identify any security risk areas.  We will provide a written assessment complete with our recommendations on how to “harden your target.” A CPTED inspection and implementation recommendation will give you and your employee’s great peace of mind when it comes to external safety matters.


Crime Prevention and Loss Prevention

These are areas that affect your bottom line as well as  employee morale and their general feeling of safety when at work. A theft problem, whether internal or external, if not confronted may lead to an increase in goods stolen. The problem may be relatively simple to mitigate in the beginning but will become increasingly difficult as it progresses.




Management Audits

There are times when it is necessary and prudent to have an outside source take a constructive look at a system (or systems) you have in place to determine if it’s being properly utilized and still relevant. Our years of executive and administrative experience gives us the ability to perform audits in the areas of Evaluation of Police Compliance, Standards and Practices; Internal Affairs; Critical Incident Response and Management; and Workload, Staffing and Overtime Analysis.





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