Security Services

Why Security?
Our motivation for venturing into the security services industry stems from a desire to provide quality customer service and to set a new standard of excellence in the security and protection industry. We will provide guards and agents that are superior to those typically found. Our years of law enforcement experience have shown us that a minimally trained security guard or agent can be a dangerous commodity and can lead to bad decisions and mistakes. And, if they’re working on your property, you may be liable for their decisions and actions. We believe the level of training provided to the vast majority of security guards and agents is woefully inadequate and may lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

The Blackrock Difference
Better decision-making, increased training, higher performance expectations, improved reliability, and customer service are a few of the qualities that make the Blackrock Difference when it comes to our security services.

Blackrock's Training Topics
The Blackrock partners and associates have spent a career providing training to police officers in a multitude of areas ranging from ethics in law enforcement to policies and procedures to report writing to weaponless defense and firearms. The training program we designed for our guards and agents has its roots in the high quality of training necessary for law enforcement. Some of the training topics are:

  • Legal Authority / Laws of Arrest
  • Authority of the Security Officer
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Blackrock Policy and Procedures
  • Client’s Company Policies
  • Report Writing
  • First Aid
  • CPR (certified, if required by client)
  • Hazardous Material Recognition & Procedures
  • Customer Service
  • Workplace Violence Prevention/Response
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Crime Scene Protection
  • Patrol Methodology
  • Defensive Driving
  • Recognizing Safety Hazards
  • Bomb Threat Recognition/Response
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Uniforms & Equipment
  • Homeland Security/Terrorism
  • Weaponless Defense
  • Firearms (if applicable)

The higher level of training we provide to our guards and agents translates into the ability to make better decisions and the appropriate action dictated by current laws, your policies, your direction and the Best Practices of the security industry. All of this equates to a substantial decrease in liability exposure for you, our client.

The Blackrock Group's areas of services:

  • Corporate Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Event Security
  • Residential Security
  • Aviation Services
  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Security Consulting, Training and Risk Analysis