The Blackrock Philosophy-THE BLACKROCK GROUP

The Blackrock Difference

Blackrock was formed on a foundation that includes excellent customer service, an exceptional work product, our extensive experience and affordability. In our years of working in law enforcement we frequently had a difficult time locating a company that could provide these four attributes on a consistent basis. So, we decided to be that company.

The Blackrock difference lies in our:                                       

  • Experience                                                               
  • Values
  • Responsiveness
  • Level of client communication
  • Desire to establish a relationship with our clients
  • Ability to meet the needs of our varied clientele

Experience: The Blackrock founders have over 120 years of experience in law enforcement administration, policy administration, performance audits, confidential investigations, crime prevention, workplace safety, threat mitigation, critical incident planning, weaponless defense training, and firearms training to name a few.

Responsiveness: We begin with a team approach to your case. From the outset our team will meet with you and together develop a response based on your needs and concerns. Conversely, if your schedule does not permit this, our team will formulate a plan, present it to you and, with your authorization, move forward.

Communication: We know what itís like to be in the dark during an investigation. We will maintain an open and timely line of communication to ensure you are aware of any updates in your case.

Relationships: We operate from a foundation of trust and will diligently work to earn your confidence. The relationships we build are far more important to us than any single job. At Blackrock, our reputation matters.

A few of the things that matter to us:

Vision: To be the investigative, security and consulting firm that you trust and call when you are in need of the services we provide.

Mission: To establish long-term relationships with our clients based on exceptional service and unparalleled quality in our work product.

Values: In our daily work activities we value honesty, integrity, fair treatment, impartiality, ethical behavior, our clients trust.