The Blackrock Group’s partners have over 100 years of combined experience in all levels of law enforcement leadership and management.  This experience can be helpful to you through directed consultation or broader classroom and practical training.  You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” or figure it out “on the fly.”  Our staff will promote lively classroom exchanges in relevant topics to challenge and solidify your thinking and resulting actions to prepare you and your staff for the challenges all 21-st century law enforcement leaders face.

A sampling of our courses:

  • Leadership in the Public Sector – Navigating the Legal and Political Landscape
  • Project Management Coaching – Avoiding the Pitfalls that Derail Major Projects
  • Prevention and Response to Workplace Violence Incidents
  • Hiring and Retention of Quality Employees
  • Executive Management in Public Safety Agencies
  • First Aid / CPR
          (Law Enforcement & Non-Law Enforcement)
  • Tactical Communications / Conflict Resolution
          (Law Enforcement & Non-Law Enforcement)
  • Refuse To Be A Victim Class
         (Non-Law Enforcement focused)
  • Firearms Training

If you have a specific training need contact our staff or click here to provide your information and we will contact you to discuss the development of a course to meet your specific needs.

The entire staff of Blackrock Investigations & Consulting are former law enforcement professionals that have been responsible for training at various levels within a police organization.  When training law enforcement personnel we went to great lengths to ensure the material was understood to the level that it could be applied the officer’s daily work.  This was critical in police work because, depending on the training material taught, the lives of the officers or their partners may depend on the ability to accurately apply what they learned.

The commitment of our staff to deliver quality training is as strong today as it ever was.  We do not consider our work complete until those attending our training sessions have a complete understanding of the subject matter and can employ it in their daily work lives.  To attain this level of understanding, we utilize a myriad of adult learning techniques and encourage vibrant group discussion when appropriate.

The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) was established in 1959 to set minimum selection and training standards for California law enforcement. It is this agency that regulates all law enforcement training within the State of California and requires that all trainers of law enforcement personnel be certified. 

For law enforcement agencies this means that we have the ability to design and deliver POST certified training.  For non-law enforcement entities this means that the quality of training we provide is second to none.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards possible when it comes to training or any services we provide.

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