We all know at least one story involving workers compensation fraud. An employee claims a work-related disability but is photographed playing softball or lifting furniture when he or she thinks nobody’s looking. Another worker draws disability insurance while working for or even running another business. Others have claimed injuries they never sustained or blame injuries sustained during their off time on their jobs.





How do you separate fraudulent claims from those that are legitimate and deserve your help? As you know, the first and most important step is to conduct a bullet-proof initial AOE/COE interview. A solid interview helps you determine whether to accept or reject the claim. In addition, it links the employee to a detailed account of his or her claim – following up on vague answers and preventing the employee from changing their story later. Finally, a professional interview uncovers any “red flags” – any issues that suggest the possibility of fraud and the need for further investigation.

When It’s Time For Professionals

If and when further investigation is called for, you need professionals you can trust to gather the evidence you need – one way or another – while following all legal and ethical guidelines.

Blackrock’s veteran law-enforcement investigators have spent their careers conducting investigations designed to meet the exacting standards of public safety and will conduct investigations for you with the same detail and fervor. They conduct air-tight interviews designed to hold claimants responsible for their stories, catch inconsistencies, and lay a foundation for future proceedings, if necessary.

When a Sub Rosa investigation is called for, our investigators draw on their surveillance experience to legally and effectively gather the quality, admissible evidence you need to prove or disprove workers compensation fraud and to support corrective actions. Our investigators remain available for as long as you need them to follow a case to conclusion.

This may sound harsh or frightening, but a thorough investigation protects claimant and employer alike. The investigators at Blackrock realize that valued employees can suffer legitimate injuries, and our investigations can ease the suspicions of employers and coworkers who fear being taken advantage of. We also understand that the manner in which the investigation is conducted has an impact on the organization that may last long after the investigation is concluded and the investigators are gone. You’ve worked hard to build a successful business with valued employees, and Blackrock has the finesse to gather needed information without ruining employee morale in the process.

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