Workplace investigations come in a variety of subject matter that can range from an employee alleging they are being harassed by a coworker to an employer initiating an investigation because of a possible theft to workplace threats made by an employee.  While many organizations have staff qualified to conduct these investigations, completing a thorough investigation is typically very time consuming. The time involved, coupled with the reduction in staff many organizations have faced, is making it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to dedicate the time necessary to conduct and complete an investigation and in a timely manner. The tasks that may need to be put on hold while the investigation is being conducted, may cause a work flow issue or the investigation may stall or take much longer to finish.



There are those investigations that are better handled by an outside firm. Not because your staff is incapable but because there may be a conflict, or a perceived conflict, of interest. An investigation by an outside firm effectively mitigates any battle about the fairness of the investigation before it even begins.





If an investigation reveals a potential criminal component our staff, being former law enforcement, will immediately recognize this and make you or your representative aware of the situation so the appropriate decisions can be made and actions taken. And who better to liaison with a law enforcement agency than former law enforcement officers?



Our investigative staff will come to your workplace and complete the investigation in a timely manner while allowing your staff to continue their normal duties. We have the ability to assign multiple investigators to your case, if needed, to ensure a timely conclusion to the matter.



We are always mindful of your budget and are happy to meet for an initial consultation and provide a written proposal at no cost.

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